pressure systems

Conventional Water System:  

  • Franklin Submersible Water Well Pump
  • Control Box
  • Flexcon Pressure Tank

A conventional water well system turns on completely when there is a call for water.  Not matter what the volume required, the pump turns on fully to supply the demand and then turns off once there is no more water required.  This system is a very traditional style of pressure system.

Variable Speed Pressure Water System:  

  • Submersible Water Well Pump
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Stainless Steel Expansion Tank     

A variable speed water well system receives the demand for water and will tell the pump to run enough to supply the current demand for water.  If the demand increases (more than one fixture requiring water at the same time) the pump will speed up to provide a greater volume, allowing the pressure to stay constant in all fixtures calling for water.  This can provide a power savings when the demand is low as well as prolong the life of the submersible well pump.

Dropping a pump in an artesian well


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