drain cleaning

A blocked drain line is never a pleasant situation, not matter what size of line or size of blockage.  We have a large variety of equipment to remove whatever may be causing this inconvenience.

  • Metro Rooter with 100 ft of cable and enough power to remove difficult sewer line blockages
  • Mini Rooter with 75 ft of cable to clear out smaller blockages with precision accuracy
  • Power-Vee auger with 50 ft of cable for those inconvenient blockages a little closer to home

Sometimes a camera is necessary to see what is causing the blockage in a pipe.  We use a camera to record the journey down the pipe to clearly and accurately determine the cause and exact location of the cause.

  • Ridgid See-Snake Camera- a camera on 100 ft of cable to shed some light on the mystery blockages. 
  • Ridgid Micro Inspection Camera - a camera on up to 30 ft of cable to solve the smaller mysteries just out of view.

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