Our warehouse serves two important purposes:

      1.  Having parts on hand enables us to work effectively and efficiently, not having to order or wait for parts from our suppliers in Red Deer, Edmonton, or Calgary.  This makes our jobs go more quickly, which is a benefit we pass on to our customers.

      2.  For our wonderful customers, we have parts available for purchase, to get you out of the plumbing jam you may find yourself in.

did you know?...

When you buy a MOEN faucet from...

    a)   A Box Store  (Rona, Home Depot, Home Hardware) - - the "guts" of the faucet are plastic

    b)   A Plumbing Wholesaler  - - the "guts" of the faucet are brass

This explains two things:

     1.  Price difference (even when the model number is the same)

     2.  Quality of product / how long it lasts

This applies identically to:

Maax, Moen, Delta


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